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Getting your operation up and running as fast as possible is essential. Especially in an industry where competition is high. Our certified Used Equipment offering includes full-service records and limited warranty.

Investing in brand new equipment might be right for bigger and more established operations with a larger budget. But if your business is starting out, buying used machinery may leave some capital for you to re-invest into your business.

The price of a new piece of equipment is, however, well worth it in many cases; especially if resale value isn’t an issue for you. To make this decision, you’ll need to consider a multi-faceted set of variables and contact a well-informed engineering consultant.

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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Used Equipment over New Equipment

Given the chance, most of us would love to buy all equipment shiny and new, with all the latest features. But this investment comes at a significant cost, both upfront in the market price, as well as transportation costs and the eventual depreciation of resale value. Buying new screening and crushing equipment might still be right for you. To help you decide we’ve created a list of the Top 3 reasons to buy used equipment over buying it new:

1. Lower Cost: 

Buying new equipment rather than used might be more cost-effective in the long run. New machinery generally performs better, has a longer lifetime value and require less maintenance. However, consider the price of one piece of new machinery: Could it be better spent on a variety of other much-needed equipment, bought second hand? Equipping your operation for success early on is a priority. While OPS specialises in equipment distribution and maintenance, we can also advise you on how to lower the cost of operation. By providing recommendations on process optimisation, our experienced Engineering Consultancy Team can help you make the best decision for your unique business situation.

For more information on how to optimise your operation and lower costs, contact one of our expert consultants today

2. It Holds Its Value: 

Although used equipment has depreciated in overall value when compared to newer products, it can hold its value if well-maintained. When it’s time to sell, well-maintained second hand machinery can fetch a price closer to WDV (Written Down Value) in a market where your equipment is in demand. So stick to a regular maintenance schedule, and document all service and repairs for future buyers to see.

OPS Screening & Crushing Equipment provides 24/7 on-site and workshop based maintenance and spare parts support.

3. Speed of Delivery: 

Used machinery is usually already in stock, so getting it up and running on-site is much quicker than it would be if you had purchased a new machine. From order to delivery to installation, the typical total turnaround on a used piece is two or three weeks versus as much as six months or more with some new equipment. The ability to generate revenue as soon as possible is incredibly important in such a competitive industry. By having your much-needed machinery in operation sooner, you save and make money, sooner.

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