To Repair or Replace? | Terex Finlay C1550 Cone Crusher – OPS Case Study

Machine: Terex Finlay C1550 Cone Crusher (10,356 hours)
Application: Crushing oversize from a 984 screen in a closed circuit to a minus 10mm

The Problem:

A Terex Finlay C1550 Cone Crusher came in with a fatigue-related crushing head failure. The fatigue precipitated from an issue during a liner change out, when cutting the burn ring.

The failure allowed dirt ingress into the eccentric, bearings and bevel gear. While the main shaft also seized into the lower frame.
As a result of this failure, and the age of the crusher, the client had to consider replacing the entire machine.

The Solution:

OPS opted to strip the C1550 crusher unit and assess the cost of a rebuild. The client decided to go ahead with this option.
The jam in the main shaft needed to be machined out of the lower frame on the lathe.
By conducting tests such as mag particle and NDT testing, the team was able to identify parts that were still within tolerance and thus reusable.
As a result, the OPS team was able to rebuild the chamber for ~19% of the cost to replace the entire crusher.

The Outcome:  

The client was able to recapitalise the mobile cone crusher unit at a very low-cost while keeping the WDV of the machine below market price.
This allowed them to continue to depreciate their machine knowing that at any time they wanted to move on they would recover their costs.
OPS also supplied a low-cost spare chamber. This lead to a lower downtime during the rebuild, helping the client to meet their contract requirements.
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Terex Finlay C1550 Cone Crusher

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