Case Study Telestack HF24T

Telestack HF24T

The Problem:

The Train Loadout (TLO) on this Iron Ore mine has a significantly higher capacity than the Ore Processing Facility (OPF). In order to operate the TLO efficiently, a further 2,000TPH of material needs to be introduced into the TLO from the stockyard during train loading operations.    

The Solution:

MPS supplied a Telestack HF 24T Mobile Hopper Feeder. This unique machine is fully mobile, so it can be quickly relocated along a fixed conveyor in the stockyard to reduce loader tramming distance. With a hopper capacity of 24m3 (50-60T of Iron Ore), It will be loaded simultaneously by 2 CAT 992 loaders and discharge into the TLO conveyor circuit.


The client is now able to operate the TLO at full capacity reducing the time trains spend loading on site. This reduced the time the iron ore takes to get from pit to port
and has improve the rail cycle time and increased the rail potential capacity. Due to the ease of road transport and on site mobility the Telestack HF24T can also be used as an
emergency backup for other equipment across the companies mine and port operations.


· 2,000-3,000TPH loader fed reclaim feeder
· CAT engine to operate tracks, jack legs, folding conveyor into working position
and raise/lower of the main conveyor
· Hybrid apron belt feeder with VSD (combines the robust nature of the apron
feeder with the sealing abilities of a conveyor)
· 24m3 hopper capacity hopper with heavy duty fall break
· 6.5m feed in width
· 1400mm discharge conveyor
· Fully mobile and easily transported
· S drive with ceramic drive drum options
· WEG motors and Bonfiglioni gearboxes
· AS3000 electrical compliance
· AS4024 machine guarding compliance
· AS1657 platforms and landings compliance
· No crane lift and no tool install possible
· Interlink to connect to other downstream equipment such as an overland
· On Board Cable reel with proconnect plug for power connection when in position


The Telestack HF24T can be easily relocated from site to site on a standard 75T float loaded under its own power with no cranes, basic Western Power permits, no police
escorts and no power line lifts. When on site it can be tracked into position and folded out under its own power with no tools or cranes required. When in position it can be connected to an electrical power source with the attached Cable/plug and can be operational within a very short period of time.
This makes the Telestack HF24Tan ideal permanent or mobile emergency feeder to use in the case of planned or unplanned maintenance across your multiple mining
operations, stockyard, port or bulk material handling operation.

Typical applications

1. Backup to reclaimers for planned or unplanned maintenance
2. Adding material to an overland conveyor at any point reducing haulage costs,
tramming distances or other logistical problems
3. Dead material management
4. Blending different grades of ore
5. Introducing material from mobile crushing operations or satellite pits
6. Reintroduce spillage or clean up material to the plant
7. Port applications including shiploader feed


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